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The Wisdom of the Ages
The Wisdom of the Ages

The Wisdom of the Ages

Recently there is a renaissance of sorts going on in America. We are looking for new, natural approaches to overcoming the problems affecting our health. The irony is that natural approaches are not new, they are actually quite ancient. What is new is our current philosophy of treating individual symptoms with single synthetic compounds that often have terrible side effects. For all of the scientific achievement and advancement of the last century we have somehow forgotten the wisdom of the ages. 2500 years ago in India a system of medicine called Ayurveda was born. Ayurveda means “complete knowledge for a long life”. Its central tenet is that life is a combination of body, mind, senses, and spirit. Through these we are complete beings. Ayurveda used herbalism as the first true system of internal medicine. These ancient practitioners believed in preventive care through natural supplementation, but they knew that it was through treating the whole being that a true state of wellness was experienced. Hundreds of years after Ayurveda was widely practiced in India, Hippocrates, commonly known as the father of modern medicine, was using natural means to heal ailments in Ancient Greece. Perhaps Hippocrates most famous quote was “Let thy food be thy medicine.” In their wisdom the Ancients knew that everything began with that which we put into our bodies.





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What is old has become new again

What the Ancients intuitively knew to be true, science is now confirming. Harvard studies show that Meditation not only reduces anxiety, and lowers blood pressure, but actually rebuilds the brains grey matter in as little as 8 weeks. Multiple recent studies confirm a link between spirituality and longevity. There are literally thousands of studies worldwide that document various herbs effectiveness in protecting the body from every condition from depression to cancer, from cirrhosis of the liver to congestive heart failure. Let thy food be thy medicine, indeed. Anastasis is the perfect marriage of the ancient wisdom, born of Ayurveda, and the cutting edge of modern science. Science alone can take us only so far.



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