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The Desire to Create
The Desire to Create


 “Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last, you create what you will.”




Deep in the heart of humanity lies the desire to create. 

We long to create life, to have children. To witness the beauty of the product of the union of two souls. 

We create businesses, to ever enduringly work to build a platform to serve others. 

We compose music, to stir the emotions of the composer as well as the listener.  

We paint brilliantly with brushstrokes of passion to move the masses, or maybe just to move ourselves.

We create movements of thought, political and ideological revolutions that change the shape of the world that we live in.


Deep in the heart of humanity lies the desire to create. 


Some of us create for a living, while some of us create solely for enjoyment, but one way or another we all live to create.

Creating anything begins with imagination and desire.  If you can not imagine a thing it can not be truly desired. 

You must be able to imagine it in your mind so clearly that it becomes real to you.  

But imagination often requires inspiration.  And if inspiration is the beginning of imagination, it is also the beginning of creation.

What do you do then when when inspiration seems distant? When imagination is fleeting?


This is when I have found Anastasis products most beneficial.  

When staring at a blank page searching for a beginning.  When the need to create is present but the inspiration and imagination are not.


Konnect and Lax taken together have proven to put my mind into an inspired, imaginative state.

Thoughts come more easily, mental “clutter” and “fog” are lifted, fatigue is no where to be found. 

If you are a creator, either professionally or out of passion, I encourage you to try Konnect and Lax together. 

For inspiration, for imagination.  For the creation of your very best work.



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