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The ancient healing power of meditation on demand
The ancient healing power of meditation on demand

The art of meditation has been a staple In the east for thousands of years.  Long viewed as a religious or spiritual practice, it has recently been gaining the attention of western scientists in an effort to study and document its direct and indirect benefits. Scientists have observed that meditation is able to largely mediate the negative effects of stress.  This is key as chronic sufferers of stress are predisposed to much higher rates of heart attack, cancer, compromised immune function, infections as well as various psychological disorders. 





(I am about to get into a little science. I will try to keep it light, but if you have trouble following along just take a scoop of Konnect with half a scoop of LAX and lets dig in!)



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In able to understand exactly how mediation is able to help the body manage stress more effectively scientists observed neurobiological changes to the prefrontal cortex of Tibetan monks (who meditate daily) as they performed cognitive tasks. 
PET scan imagery showed that the monks had much greater cerebral blood flow in the pre frontal cortex than control subjects (those who did not mediate). 
The prefrontal cortex is a brain region that is primarily responsible for executive functions like problem solving ability and decision making.  When the prefrontal cortex is stimulated, it begins a bio-neurological process that results in the production of GABA. 
Meditators were also shown to have greater threshold concentration and alertness, both cognitive functions controlled by the Pre Frontal Cortex.



Like GABA, serotonin is a powerful neurotransmitter that plays a leading role in mood regulation.  Low levels of serotonin are associated with depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Several scientific studies performed on participants after they concluded their meditation sessions, observed a rise in serotonin production.  



Dopamine, like serotonin and GABA before it, is another powerful neurotransmitter.  Dopamine plays a regulatory role over the brains reward and pleasure centers.  Dopamine helps regulate movement and emotional responses. It also helps us identify rewards and take action to move toward them. Research has shown that dopamine levels within the brain increase in participants during meditation.
As you can clearly see, meditation helps increase the production of three key neurotransmitters that are responsible for putting you into a state of optimal consciousness. I can not encourage you enough to look into the art of mediation and to add the practice into your daily routine. 
I also realize that life doesn’t always cooperate.  The pursuit of excellence in the building of a company, or the furthering of your career, or in the raising of a family doesn’t always leave you with an extra 30 minutes per day to practice meditation.
This is exactly why  LAX was conceived.
Every serving of  LAX contains clinically proven doses of natural ingredients that increase production of the very same neurotransmitters that are elevated in the meditative individual.


LAX was made to enhance:
  • Problem solving ability
  • Decision making
  • Concentration
  • Alertness
  • Feeling “present” in the moment 
  • Elevated mood
  • Sense of well being 
  • Emotional state 
  • Introspection 
  • Motivation 
  • Calm


By applying cutting edge science to the wisdom of the ages, Anastasis humbly brings to you the power to induce the meditative state of mind on demand. 


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