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Nature's Ultimate Bio-Hack
Nature's Ultimate Bio-Hack


 Physical activity is nature's ultimate Nootropic Bio-Hack.


Mental and physical performance are often thought of as two separate areas of focus. 

But an emerging body of research highlights the relationship between the two.  It seems that physical activity has profound beneficial effects not only on the body, but on the mind as well.  

This makes perfect sense as the brain, which houses the mind, is a biological structure and a part of the physical body.

In a previous post we talked about how regular exercise drastically increases happiness, and the neurotransmitters within the brain that are responsible for feeling of happiness and fulfillment.

But what of mental performance? 

A profound new study not only sheds light on the connection between physical training and mental performance, but on the specific connection between lower body training, specifically the leg muscles, and neurological health. [1]

Scientists have found that the legs, especially in weight-bearing exercise, send signals to the brain that are critical for the production of healthy neural cells, vital for the brain and nervous system. 

Getting less exercise makes it difficult for the body to produce new nerve cells, some of the key building blocks that allow us to handle stress and adapt to challenges in our lives.

Specifically, the researchers found that reduced physical activity led to changes in the sub-ventricular zone of the brain, an area  where stem cells develop into full neuronal cells which can take over the function of aged and damaged brain cells. 

The researchers noted that genes associated with keeping the mitochondria (the cells “engine”) of the stem cells healthy and supplied with nutrients were negatively affected. This led to the stem cells losing the ability to form into new neurons. 

“Our study supports the notion that people who are unable to do load-bearing exercises not only lose muscle mass, but their body chemistry is altered at the cellular level and even their nervous system is adversely impacted” Said lead Author Raffaella Adami in a press release. 


Actionable Bio-Hack

Of all the things that you can do to boost mental performance, Establishing a regular exercise routine that includes lower body intensive movements may be the most important.  

What if you hate exercise, or don’t have the time for it?

Part of being successful is learning to accomplish the important things that you don’t like to do, not just those things that you enjoy.  

And physical exercise is incredibly important.  

If you need a little motivation, Konnect is a perfect way to naturally energize your mind as well as your body, so you can accomplish the important things that you may not love, but know you need to do, like being physically active.


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