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A museum curator strives to ensure that his collection is composed of the finest quality art.  He will often sift through art from all over the world in search of the perfect piece to complement his offering.

At Anastasis, we take this same approach.  Much like the museum curator, we relentlessly pursue and test novel ingredients the world over in search of the perfect compounds to compliment and enhance our formulas.

It is is this unyielding commitment to quality that led us to the inclusion of TeaCrine as the perfect compliment to our Konnect cognitive enhancement formula.

Caffeine, commonly used globally for centuries, has some clear and scientifically validated mental focus and fatigue fighting properties.  

And while we were happy with our inclusion of naturally occurring caffeine from green tea, we knew there was something more that needed to be added.

For all of the benefits that caffeine offers, it has some limitations that we had to overcome.

If taken in too high of doses, caffeine can lead to jitters, a crash, and of course a tolerance can be built up quickly.  

After testing, and subsequently rejecting dozens of ingredients, we finally found TeaCrine by Compound Solutions. The results, when combined with the proprietary formula of Konnect, were nothing short of incredible.

Amazing mental focus, crisp, clean natural energy and an unparalleled clarity of thought. 



We knew that we had quite literally curated a better caffeine, and the final version of Konnect was born.


Teacrine_energy_thumb Teacrine_Compound_Solutions Focus_Energy_Teacrine



So what exactly is TeaCrine?

TeaCrine is a patent-pending compound which can be
found in natural sources such as the Camellia assamica var.kucha tea leaf, coffee and certain exotic fruits.

A naturally occurring ingredient, TeaCrine® delivers energy, mental clarity, and improved motivation and mood while being side effect free. TeaCrine does not increase heart rate or blood pressure and is not a stimulant.  

You do not build a tolerance to it the way that you can with caffeine and, most importantly, TeaCrine has pre-clinical as well as human clinical studies to scientifically validate its effectiveness.  Something that is sadly missing all to often In supplements today.

At Anastasis, we know that we must earn your business through innovation.  As a small company our products have to speak for themselves, and as a discerning customer you know true quality when you see it.    

This is why we are very excited to have curated a better caffeine for you.  We know you will enjoy it.







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