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INGREDIENT SPOTLIGHT: Green Tea (where Anastasis gets our caffeine)

Caffeine is one of the most widely used and loved compounds in the provides a boost to mental focus, mood, energy and stamina.

Anastasis included caffeine in our Konnect for these reasons, however, like all of our ingredients, we only use the absolute highest quality ingredients in the world.

That is why we use caffeine naturally sourced from premium Camelia Senensis Green Tea.

Green Tea was first discovered in China around 3000 BC.  It was then brought from China to Japan In 1211 where a Japanese Zen priest, Yeisai, published the book “Kitcha-Yojoki” which means Tea and Health Promotion. 

The ancients knew that green tea had powerful health and anti aging effects thousands of years ago.


Modern science is now confirming what the ancients knew.


Green Tea All Natural Green Tea Biohacking Konnect Focus Powder



Some of the scientifically proven benefits of green tea include:

  • anti-cancer effects ( inhibits tumor growth )powerful
  • antioxidant ( aids in post exercise recovery)
  • powerful anti aging effects ( activates foxo3 longevity gene )
  • anti-obesity effects ( naturally boosts fat burning effects )
  • anti-atherosclerotic ( prevents clogged arteries )
  • anti-diabetic ( improves blood sugar )

Our commitment to you, every ingredient we use will not only provide a powerful effect to boost mental performance, but also to improve your health and fight the detrimental effects of aging.

So connect with caffeine naturally from green tea, the same way that the Zen priests of japan have for thousands of years.







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