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How to get better sleep for optimal performance
How to get better sleep for optimal performance


 Sleep, natures Nootropic.


(A Nootropic is something that boosts cognitive performance)

Sleep is the single most important thing that you can do to help ensure optimal mental and physical performance.  Unfortunately, with an entire world to conquer and only 24 hours in a day, we often sacrifice sleep in the pursuance of our goals.
It is good news then, that when it comes to sleep, quality is more important than quantity. 

So lets talk about sleep, and how you can Bio-hack the night to get the most efficient sleep possible, so you can perform your best every day.



Interrupted sleep is worse than not getting enough sleep.  [1]

8 hours of sleep is often cited as optimal, but new research from Johns Hopkins found that after just two nights of poor sleep, subjects who were woken up several times throughout the night had worse moods compared to those who slept for less time overall but weren’t interrupted.

Bio Hack 1.) Focus on getting solid, uninterrupted sleep before you focus on sleep duration.


Certain types of exercise promote better sleep [2]

Being active is important for sleep, however, more intense forms of exercise are more effective. Research at the university of Pennsylvania found that intense workouts like bicycling, running, or weight lifting lead to better sleep than low intensity activity like walking.

Bio Hack 2.) Engage in 30 minutes of intense exercise daily.  This will not only improve sleep, but intense exercise has been shown to increase grey matter within the brain, so you will not only sleep better, you will be smarter.



Unplug in the evenings [3]

The reality is, it is near impossible to escape our devices.  From the laptop, to the smart phone and the tablet, these are the tools of today.  While our devices have opened a new frontier in learning, entrepreneurship, entertainment, they have also wreaked havoc on our sleep, and potentially our health.  

Numerous studies show that the short-wavelength blue light, emitted by the screens we watch, has a negative effect on the duration, and more importantly, the quality of our sleep. However, studies have also found that watching screens that emit red light does not negatively effect sleep duration, and sleep quality after exposure to it was similar to normal sleep.

Bio Hack 3.) Cut off the use of devices with screens that emit blue light two hours before bed.  

And since thats not going to happen for most of us, instead you can use night shift/ night mode on your devices.  This is a function that will alter the look of the screen by filtering out blue light and only allowing red light to be visible.

Meditation promotes better sleep quality [4]

Meditation is practiced by many of the worlds top entrepreneurs for its performance and cognitive enhancement benefits, but new research published in in the JAMA demonstrates that individuals who meditate also sleep better.  Not only do they show fewer symptoms of insomnia, but of depression and fatigue as well. 

Bio Hack 4.) Practice meditating daily.  Start with 10 minutes per day and work your way up to 20 minutes.  If you aren't sure how to get started with mediation check out and the headspace app for meditation made simple.

Add LAX to your evening routine 

Meditation promotes many of its mindfulness and relaxation benefits through optimization of key neurotransmitters and brain wave state.  LAX was designed to mimic this state.  Taking LAX in the evenings will lead to a serine, focused mind.  You will be present in the moment, free of worry and a racing mind.  LAX will not make you drowsy, rather, it will put you in the optimal mental state for quality sleep.

Bio HACK 5.) Take Anastasis LAX in the late afternoon or early evening for the perfect ending to your day.

You can't always get 8 hours of sleep, but you can get more efficient sleep, and better mental and physical performance with these 5 bio-hacks.  

Bio-hack the night with LAX by Anastasis.







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