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Exercise is the Key to Happiness
Exercise is the Key to Happiness

The pursuit of happiness. This is why all people long to be free. To be able to pursue that which they deem to bring them happiness.

Being unique, we each have a different view of what the embodiment of happiness is.
To each a different path, but one common goal. Maybe finding happiness to you is entrepreneurship.
Perhaps it's in higher education. The path to happiness may be in music, art, or philosophy.
No matter where or how you pursue happiness, there is one common thread that can assist us all on our journey.
Physical activity has always been the common thread with which happiness is sewn.





We were never meant to be sedentary.
Throughout history humans have had to be physically active to survive.
With the advance in technology, however, our work has become less physical. Machines have taken on the burden of work for most of us.
We no longer hunt prey, we don’t walk to gather food.
We have become a sedentary species.
This defies the very way in which we evolved.
And it leads to unhappy humans.
In fact, science has shed light on just how much physical activity directly correlates to being happy.



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In a meta review of observational studies, researchers found that, compared to inactive people, the odds ratio of being happy was 20, 29 and 52 percent higher for people who were insufficiently active, sufficiently active, or very active, respectively.
It is vital to your pursuit of happiness that you become, and stay, physically active.
This doesn’t mean you have to go to a commercial gym.
Find something that you enjoy. Surf, swim, bike, run with your dogs, just be active.
Remember, the more physically active you are, the happier you will be.
It could be said that without regular physical activity peak happiness is unattainable. We all want to be active and happy, however sometimes energy is lacking. It’s times like these when you can rely on Konnect. The mental focus formula in Konnect will provide the safe, natural energy that you need to get and stay active.

It's time to Konnect, be active and be happy.


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