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Attract Luck with Hard Work
Attract Luck with Hard Work


 The hard work takes you where the good luck can find you.


Unsuccessful people often look at the successful and attribute that success to luck.

And perhaps there is an element of luck to achieving success, but where the unsuccessful person thinks that the successful got  lucky by chance, the reality is that luck is attracted to hard work. 

The path that any successful person has travelled is paved with years of hard work and sacrifice.  And this is why success seems just out of the reach of most.
While the unsuccessful person was sleeping in the successful person was waking up before the sun to get an early start to the day. 

While the unsuccessful was having a Netflix marathon the successful person was working late, studying, always learning.

If you wan't to be successful you need to follow the habits of the successful and set the stage for luck to find you.  You do this by putting in hard work. there are no short cuts, there is no other way.

Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team, but he never stopped putting in hard work and went on to become widely recognized as the greatest basketball player in history.

Jordan made sure luck found him. 

Tim Ferriss is the owner of the worlds most popular podcast and a new New York Times best selling author. The first 25 publishers Ferriss contacted about his first book said no. A, It was the 26th publisher who said yes, not because they loved the concept of the book, but because they believed Ferriss would do everything within his power to make sure it sold.

Ferris made sure luck found him.



 The Overnight Success is a Myth 


No matter what it is that you strive for, the first step in “getting lucky” and finding success is putting in hard work. Day after day, year after year, there are no short cuts, there is no other way.

The days are long for all of us, hard work wears on you, and the distractions of the world are many.  The temptation to throw in the towel is always present.

This is exactly why Konnect was created.

Enhanced focus, natural energy, mental acuity, delayed fatigue, better creativity, enhanced productivity, these are the benefits of Konnect. 

Remember, hard work takes you where the good luck can find you, so start your day with Konnect, put in some hard work, and make sure that luck, and success find you!

Konnect by Anastasia Nutra, Never not Working.


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