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America is only as strong as you and me
America is only as strong as you and me


America is only as strong as you and me. 


4th of July is a time to celebrate Americas' independence. It is a time to reflect upon the freedoms that we have as Americans, and to really think about what it means to be, and to live free.

Freedom, and the idea of America itself, may mean something different to each one of us, but that is the beauty of America. Our individual freedoms are supreme. We are free to be who we are, to pursue our dreams, no matter how big or small, or different.

A celebration of America then, is really a celebration of the individual, and the way that we are bound together In the sharing of this gift of individual freedom.

So this fourth of July, think about how you are using your gift.

Are you putting in long hours furthering your education, to have an amazing career?

Maybe your an entrepreneur perusing your dreams and building a business?

Or are you working hard to raise the best kids possible?

Whatever it is that you are doing, do it as well as you can. 

Why is it so important to give 100 percent of yourself when you do something?

It’s because America is only as strong as you, or as strong as me.  She is only as kind as you or as kind as me.

She can only change the world through you, and through me. 

So to make the most of your gift of freedom, give your very best in all that you do.

Lets strive to make America better, and therefore the world better by making ourselves better.  

One day at a time, one unselfish act at a time. 


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