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Stressbook: Why social media may be killing you 

As technology has advanced, the world has become more interconnected than ever. The internet brought the ability to instantly access information from all over the world to our fingertips, however it was the proliferation of social media that connected us all in a more direct and personal way.
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After testing, and subsequently rejecting dozens of ingredients, we finally found TeaCrine. The results, when combined with the proprietary formula of Konnect, were nothing short of incredible. Amazing mental focus, crisp, clean natural energy and an unparalleled clarity of thought.
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Exercise is the Key to Happiness

The pursuit of happiness. This is why all people long to be free. To be able to pursue that which they deem to bring them happiness.
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You are powerful beyond compare

The human mind is the most powerful force that the world has ever seen. The mind has dreamed impossible dreams and then willed those dreams into reality. Man has used the power of the mind to physically explore to the ends of the earth.
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Lessons from a Beautiful Mind

“The greatest enemy is of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” - Stephen Hawking
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No Man is an Island

No one is an Island. As humans we exist in a state of duality.  Individuals, uniquely and wonderfully created, yet undeniably a part of something greater.    We were meant for community, for relationships, for peace.
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The Desire to Create

Deep in the heart of humanity lies the desire to create. We create businesses, to ever enduringly work to build a platform to serve others. We paint brilliantly with brushstrokes of passion to move the masses, or maybe just to move ourselves. Deep in the heart of humanity lies the desire to create. 
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Every ingredient that we use in Anastasis products are included for a primary purpose.  However we take great care to formulate products with ingredients that support your body and mind in ways that go far beyond their primary reason for inclusion. Ashwagandga is one such ingredient. 
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The ancient healing power of meditation on demand

The art of meditation has been a staple In the east for thousands of years.  Long viewed as a religious or spiritual practice, it has recently been gaining the attention of western scientists in an effort to study and document its direct and indirect benefits.
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Only the finest in naturally occurring compounds are sourced and used in Anastasis products and AlphaGlycerolPhosphate (AlphaGPC for short) is no exception.
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The Wisdom of the Ages

Recently there is a renaissance of sorts going on in America. We are looking for new, natural approaches to overcoming the problems affecting our health. The irony is that natural approaches are not new, they are actually quite ancient. 
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The Wait has Ended

Introducing our new campaign, it's time to experience more.
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